Find, Take, Teach

Family history and temple work has been simplified.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve

Apostles has outlined three simple steps:

  1. Using or the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet, find the names of one or more

of your own ancestors or their descendants.

  1. Take these names to the temple, or share them with others so they can take them to the temple (when possible,

go to the temple as a family).

  1. Teach your family to find names and take them to the temple, and then teach others to do the same.

“The most important thing to do as leaders is to find your own names to take to the temple yourself and then teach others to do the same. . . . The blessings to those who participate

in family history are far-reaching.”

(L. Whitney Clayton, in “Blessings to the Living through Family History,” by L. Whitney Clayton, Allan F. Packer, Kent F. Richards, and Neill F. Marriott,

RootsTech 2015;

“Family history—and the temple ordinances enabled by it—are an essential part of the work of salvation. Participating in this sacred work for the dead blesses the lives of the living. It strengthens our faith and commitment to the gospel, helps us resist tempta-tion, [and] draws families closer together.”

(Quentin L. Cook, “Our Father’s Plan Is about Families,” RootsTech 2015;