missionary work

    The Blessings of Missionary Service
    The Power of Members and Missionaries Working Together
    'Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings'.
    'They need to be taught, because we truly have the Lord’s plan of happiness'.
    'One of my friends started inviting me to the church, somehow I kept rejecting. One day in our game we had a bet.'
    My dad taught the lesson on missionary work. He gave us a challenge to invite at least one person every month. This was tough!! I asked him how to invite?? 
    There was a strong feeling that I should serve a mission. I had a desire to serve the Lord but I was confused with my decision. As I read the Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 3:7 the spirit touched my heart and encouraged me to make the right decision.
    It began as a very busy day with not enough time to fit everything in that needed to be done. As my Mom and I hurriedly got ready to go shopping there suddenly came a knock at our door.
    Testimony of a non-Christian and his Commitment to Missionary Work.